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Thursday, October 24, 2013

comment_icon 0 Speech Recognition in Browser : annyang! JavaScript Library

I guess you all are surprised just as me, when i saw this super cool stuff. just imagine the site you use most i.e. Facebook with Speech Recognition. you just say reply and message sent or just say to like or share a post and its get done.I am not going to say much you should have a look at this stuff otherwise you won't gonna believe me so click Here for demo . Note : use chrome browser.

Setup Speech Recognition for your web Application

you just need to add few lines of code .so its quite easy i say.

Sample Code

<script src="//">
if (annyang) {
  /* Let's define our first command. First the text we expect, and then 
the function it should call */
  var commands = {
    'show tps report': function() {
      $('#tpsreport').animate({bottom: '-100px'});

  // Initialize annyang with our commands

 /* Start listening. You can call this here, or attach this call to an
 event, button, etc. */

Sample Commands

Here are some sample commands that you might wanna try to get started
Say "Show me cute kittens!"
Say "Show me Arches National Park!"
Now go wild. Say "Show me…" and make your demands!

I hope you liked this JavaScript and Try to Implement this. please Don't forget to share because its cool :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

comment_icon 0 Facebook Developers Live

Today Facebook Announced Its New Section for developers Called Facebook Developers will be going live from feb. 20th. To join developers Live visit here

what it Provides For Developer ?

It provides all the resources for developing and growing your Facebook Application. Specially the most needed section of Facebook developer "Video Tutorials"

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

comment_icon 0 Are you Ready For New Ubuntu Phone ??

Recently Ubuntu Announced that its Phone will be available in market  in last quarter of 2013.So Are you ready for getting hands on New Phone Experience .
At the Press Release in London Mark Shuttleworth said that
 Calling the product launch a “significant next step in our history”, he also gave demo of the device
Ubuntu Phone Preview
Ubuntu Phone Preview

But What's Special about Ubuntu ?

Ubuntu Provides some Features that makes your Phone Experience amazing 
  1. Access Everything by just 1 finger swipe
  2. Full utilization of Mobile Screen
  3.  Everything on screen but Nothing shown until you Swipe 
  4. Super fast Switching Between Apps

Main features of Ubuntu Phone

  • Edge magic: thumb gestures from all four edges of the screen that enable users to find content and switch between apps faster than they can on other phones.
  • Focus on content, not the controls: immerses the user in their content. Controls only appear when they want them.
  • Integrated search: Search for anything that’s saved on the phone, any content from online providers like Amazon and even menu functions within applications.
  • HTML5 apps, web apps and native apps are equal citizens – they all get their own icons and access to system services, so the user need never know the difference.
  • Personalised welcome screen: a visualisation of an individual’s social interactions (infographics on calls, SMS, Twitter) – ever changing, totally personal.

Special Feature Images

Ubuntu Phone infrographic showing duration of talk
Ubuntu Animated home screen With Notification

What's For Developer ?

Useful links

Get Started
Publish Apps

Saturday, February 2, 2013

comment_icon 0 Brackets : An Open Source Text Editor from Adobe

Finally Adobe made something Open Source. Brackets  is the opensource text editor specially designed for the Web developer. there are some amazing features like inline editing,live edit (preview is shown in chrome) that most of the web developer gonna love. One more thing is liked about this is that it built by using java script, html 5,CSS , So as they say
   For the WEB by the WEB

Where To get it ?

you can get it here. current release it Sprint 19.

Basic features  how to use ?

For inline text editing just put your mouse on the html tag like body,div,h1 etc and press CTRL+E 

Live Preview 

To Use the Bracket live Preview feature click on the icon in  top right , just as icon highlighted in below image.

Bracket Video Demo 

Bracket extensions

Bracket mainly focus on the web development and there  are so many extension available to increase your productivity and performance . these extensions are categorized under different categories but  there is no GUI for installing the extensions however you can manually download and copy the extension and copy them to extension directory and then browse it using menu bar. 
Code/Text Editing
  • Select Parent: Quick way to select the block enclosing the selection
  • Web Fonts: Simple interface for adding/deleting/swapping Google Web Fonts in a CSS file
  • Kill Ring: Adds an Emacs-style kill ring to the editor.
  • Spell Checker: integrates the spell checker web service After The Deadline - now in beta - Supports English, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese. Note: Now compatible with brackets build >== build 0.18.x /Sprint 18
Snippets & Shorthand
  • Emmet/Zen Coding: Adds Emmet (Zen Coding) support to Brackets (download here).
  • Snippets: Assign trigger keys to insert snippets. Configurable with JSON
  • Prefixr: Generate browser specific CSS prefixes using the prefixr service.
  • Quick Markup: fast HTML markup generation as you type.
  • HTML Templates: Pastes in barebones HTML code for different doctypes.
  • Auto-match pairs: auto-complete Paranthesis, Brackets, Braces, Double and Single Quotes...
Code/Text Formatting
Code Generation
  • App Cache Buddy: Generate and validate application cache manifests.
  • Annotate: Generates JSDoc annotations for your functions
Language Support
  • JavaScript Code Hints: Code hinting (aka autocompletion) for JavaScript files in Brackets.
  • PHP: adds PHP function definition support to QuickOpen search
General Functionality
  • Extension Manager: Install, Remove, and upgrade your extensions from the cloud from inside Brackets (requires node).
  • Extension Toolkit An extension to make building Brackets extensions easier.
  • Related Files: Discovers and allows you to open related files in your project.
  • File Navigation Shortcuts: shortcuts for switching to next/previous editor (non-MRU order), and a version of Quick Open scoped to only open files.
  • Open File from URL: Opens any href and rel atribute urls in editor on ALT+0 shortcut. Currently works only with existing files.
  • Brackets Commands Guide: Search and execute commands by typing part of their name, similar to Quicksilver (or Sublime's Ctrl+Shift+P or Eclipse's Ctrl+3).
  • Open Containing Folder: Opens folder containing current file or a file/folder in Sidebar. Added keyboard shortcut CTRL+ALT+O for opening folder containing document opened in editor.
  • Bookmarks: Navigate within a document using bookmarks.
  • TestQuickly: simple extension to run unit tests with a keystroke (handy for Brackets core and extension developers)
  • PageSuck: prompts for a URL and pulls that page's HTML directly into the editor as a new file
Live Development
  • Debugger: Brackets Debugger for the Live Development browser.
  • Everyscrub: Everything's a scrubber! Cmd/Ctrl + drag on any number or hex color to scrub its value and update the browser in real time.
  • Reload in Browser: Adds a toolbar button and shortcut to reload the page in the browser
  • V8/Node Live Development: Updates scripts running in Node.js as you type
Visual Editing
  • Edge Web Fonts: Browse free fonts from the Edge Web Fonts collection, with thumbnails. Activated via CSS code hints for font-family.
  • Hover Preview: Displays a preview when hovering over a color value, gradient, or image filename.
  • CSS Exclusion Shape Viewer: Quick Edit on an exclusion shape definition in CSS displays the shape.
  • SVG Preview: Live preview SVG files in an inline panel while you edit them.
  • Markdown Preview: Live preview of Markdown files, updated as the document is edited.
External Tools
  • BracketLESS: Compiles LESS files to CSS on save
  • GitHub: Implements the GitHub API, including oAuth. Currently functionality limited to Gists.
  • ToGist: Create an anonymous gist from the current selection.
  • PhoneGap Extension for Brackets: Manage PhoneGap Build projects from Brackets.
  • (See also Prefixr above).
Linting & Warnings
Deprecated Extensions
  • Color Editor: Quick Edit on a hex/rgb/hsl color opens an inline color picker, plus a listing of all colors used in the file. (Merged into Brackets as of Sprint 17).
  • Color Picker: Quick Edit on a hex color opens an inline color picker. (A color picker is built into Brackets as of Sprint 17).
  • Editor Shortcuts: Keyboard shortcut to delete line. (This command is built into Brackets as of Sprint 15).
  • MDNLookup: Includes a way of creating an extensions toolbar and adding buttons to the toolbar with callbacks. Requires a slight change to the core. (Does not work in current versions of Brackets).

Saturday, January 26, 2013

comment_icon 0 Interesting Facebook Graph Search terms

Facebook Recently Launched its New Graph Search by which you can search things in simple English or your language  and then you can filter them to on different parameters .

how to use facebook graph search
This search can be utilized in different ways depending on your Interests .


Search For Singles in your Locality : just type following search term: 
Single females who live in " locality"     (  like..  Single females who live in New Delhi, India )
gives result :

Then you can apply different filter on them.

Age Range
Religious Views
Political Views
Employer Location
Time Period
Class Year

Admins of
Members of
Apps They Use
Tagged in
Commented on
Interacted with
Birth Year
Current City
Live Near
Relationship with
Married to
Engaged to
Partners with
Relatives of
Parents of
Stepparents of
Siblings of
Children of
Cousins of

Other Useful terms you wanna try :
People who work at IBM in Chennai, Tamil Nadu 
Photos of Sachin Tendulkar 

And My Favouraite one :
Current cities of my friends 

How to get it ?

Sunday, January 13, 2013

comment_icon 1 How to make SanDisk USB Bootable windows 7

Few days back i needed to format my Laptop , but i didn't had windows disk so i decided to go for USB Boot . i tried so many times by formatting disk into NTFS and copying all windows 7 files in USB drive but nothing worked . finally i searched all over net and found a solution which worked for me . so here it is .

Step 1 : backup all your USB data because its gonna format this.
Step 2:  goto run type cmd and run command prompt as administrator.
Step 3: Now type all the commands as it is shown .
Step 4: type diskpart  and hit enter
Step 5: type list disk . it shows the list of disks. make sure you able identify your USB drive (see the size and free space).
Step 6: type select disk  # (where # represents your disk number , for me its 1)
making sandisk bootable
from step 4 to 6
 Step 7: type clean (Clean : removes any existing partitions from the USB disk, including any hidden sectors)
 Step 8:type Create Partition Primary (it Creates a new primary partition with default parameters)
 Step 9:type Select Partition 1 (Focus on the newly created partition).
 Step10: type Active (Sets the in-focus partition to active, informing the disk firmware that this is a valid system partition)
 Step11:Format FS=NTFS (Formats the partition with the NTFS file system. This may take several minutes to complete, depending on the size of your USB key.)
Step12:Assign (Gives the USB drive a Windows volume and next available drive letter, which you should write down. In our case, drive “J” was assigned.)
Step13:Exit (Quits the DiskPart tool)
Step 14 :Now go into the directory where you copied all your windows 7 files ( in command prompt ). open boot directory(cd boot) . and type the  command as 

Bootsect.exe /nt60 J: (where ‘L’ is the drive letter assigned to your USB key from the previous step)
Bootsect infuses boot manager compatible code into your USB key to make it a bootable device. 

Now copy all windows 7 files to USB drive , no need to use command prompt  you can do it using copy paste option. Have fun installing windows.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

comment_icon 0 Remote control the Browser Window

remote control using framote
Someone said that Big surprises comes in small packages . Today i feel this line perfect for that framote . This is an awesome example of Ajax and iframe shown by Jaime Caballero .

What it is ? and how it works ?

framote enables you to control the remote browser and show the links which you want. You just need to give a starting URL(link) and it will provide you two different URL's (i). to share on remote devices (ii) to control those remote devices .

Where you can use this ?

This will be specially useful for the web Developers by using this they can test their applications on different browsers and multiple devices without opening the whole web on each of them one by one. yippee its free.

How to Use Framote Step by step

Step 1: go to framote and give a URL i say "" and click create.

how 2 labs

Step 2: share the Framote URL and open Control URL in a new window to control the Framote URL 

framote in action
framote in action

Step 3: in Control URL provide the new URL you want to share and click change. the remote url will automatically get refreshed

change remote url framote
change remote url framote

Step 4: Don't forget to subscribe for new update :)

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

comment_icon 0 Share your Files using Torrent

Now a days there are lot of websites for sharing your files but still the process become hectic if you are a new-bee or even professional .there is an easy way to share your files using the utorrent . I said easy because you need not to login or upload the file on website , you just need to drag and drop the file or folder on utorrent and it will give a link that you can share with your friends. Here i am going to show you how easy it is to do .

Step 1 : select file or folder and drop it to  utorrent .

drag and drop files
drag and drop

Step 2: click on Get Link button. it will create a link for sharing your files

get link button
Get Link

Step 3: now copy the link by clicking copy link button.

copy link
copy link

Step 4 : share link with your friends and you are done.

Steps to be followed by the person to download the files

Step 1: paste the given link in address bar of browser

Step 2: if you have you  utorrent  or any other torrent client copy the magnet link otherwise just click on download button.

copy magnet link or download
copy magnet link

Step 2: now we copy the magnet link so we add it to our torrent client.

add magnet link
Add torrent from URL

Step 3: now paste the magnet link and click ok button.

step 4: now your download will start.  enjoy downloading and file sharing :)

download files