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comment_icon 0 Tutorial- RSA (Rational software Architect )

Architecture_ design and construction using the IBM Rational Software Delivery Platform (1 of 9)

IBM Rational Software Delivery Platform- UML modeling (2 of 9)

IBM Rational Software Delivery Platform- Model fuse (3 of 9)

IBM Rational Software Delivery Platform- Design Patterns(4 of 9)

IBM Rational Software Delivery Platform- UML to Java (5 of 9)

IBM Rational Software Delivery Platform (6 of 9)- Ajax Capabilities

IBM Rational Software Delivery Platform- Web Services (7 of 9)

IBM Rational Software Delivery Platform- Java Modeling (8 of 9)

IBM Rational Software Delivery Platform- Java to UML (9 of 9)

Friday, December 9, 2011

comment_icon 2 Download RSA ( Rational Software Architect ) - A tool for software Modeling

Download via IBM site

Download Via Torrent

Torrent Includes :

Size: 5.35 GB (5741557433 Bytes)

IBM® Rational® Software Architect is an integrated analysis, design, and development toolset that supports the comprehension, design, management, and evolution of enterprise solutions and services. It includes design, analysis, and development capabilities for software architects and model-driven developers creating service-oriented architecture (SOA), J2EE, and portal applications.

This product offering includes:
1)Quick Start CD
2)Rational Software Architect
3)Rational Agent Controller
4)WebSphere® Portal test environments
5)Rational ClearCase® LT
6)Crystal Reports Server

7)Activation Kit for Rational Software Architect
8)Rational License Server
9)IBM Installation Manager
10(IBM Packaging Utility
11)WebSphere Application Server for Developers
12)CICS® Transaction Gateway

For more info

comment_icon 173 Sending sms via way2sms using Java

This Page has been no more upadted please visit thie link for updated information How to send sms in java :


i have a paid API
If you are willing to pay small amount such as 50-100RS for 100-300sms
contact me at

The sole purpose of the Api is to be used in development by i am not releasing the actual sour

This Tutorial showz that how you can use the for sending message using your java application
Steps to Follow

  1. create a account on 
  2. after getting indiarocks username and password use the code given below.
  3. modify the following details
    1. put your email id in Email string
    2. put your indiarocks username
    3. put your indiarocks password
    4. put number as the number on which you want to send sms
    5. put your messgae in messgae string , i limited the length to 110 char for stopping the misuse
  4. if you copy the code in your application's jsp page don't forget to import*,*,

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


This tutorial covers

  • How to add multiple CSS styles with JQuery
  • What are all of the other JQuery selection options
  • How to assign events with JQuery
  • Explain JQuery animations
  • How to change element values with JQuery
  • And, a bunch of other things.


This is the first part of JQuery Video Tutorial. It will also cover all of the techniques that go into implementing a dynamic site using Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX).

It is extremely easy to use AJAX techniques with JQuery. First you must understand that AJAX is not a language, it is just a series of techniques used to dynamically change websites with out page reloads.

If you’d prefer to read about AJAX, here is another article Ajax What is it?

JQuery is just a JavaScript Framework, or function library that will save you a ton of code writing. JQuery also works cross browser, so you won’t care what browser your client uses anymore.

this specifically show you how to do the following in this video:

  • How to link to the JQuery Framework
  • Tons of ways to target specific elements on a web page
  • How to change CSS properties dynamically
  • What is an anonymous function
  • How to execute your JQuery code when a page loads

Sunday, December 4, 2011

comment_icon 1 Top 10 browser Extension For WEB Developers

Firefox: Page Speed

Page Speed is an open-source Firefox/Firebug Add-on. Web masters and web developers can use Page Speed to evaluate the performance of their web pages and to get suggestions on how to improve them. I use Page Speed to optimize my websites.

Chrome: Speed Tracer

Speed Tracer is a tool to help you identify and fix performance problems in your web applications. It visualizes metrics that are taken from low level instrumentation points inside of the browser and analyzes them as your application runs. Speed Tracer is available as a Chrome extension and works on all platforms where extensions are currently supported (Windows and Linux).

Firefox: FireBug

Firebug integrates with Firefox allowing you to edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page.

Chrome: Firebug Lite

Firebug team also creates extension for Chrome. So far I have not been able to use firebug in chrome. I am running Google Chrome 5.0.307.11 Beta under Ubuntu Karmic 9.10

comment_icon 0 Ajax From Scratch - a WORKING demo for Jquery-Ajax in jsp

This tutorial covers a working example of ajax in jsp
note: example is just same as i used in my previous tutorial so to setup thing use that tutorial :creating-simple-db2-database-Application

Saturday, December 3, 2011

comment_icon 0 Learning Resources for DB2 pure XML with samples

XForms and DB2 pureXML
Handle pureXML data in Java applications with pureQuery

pureXML Samples

The pureXML feature enables well-formed XML documents to be stored in their hierarchical format within columns of a table. XML columns are defined with the new XML data type. Because the pureXML feature is fully integrated into the DB2 database system, the stored XML data can be accessed and managed by leveraging DB2 functionality. This functionality includes administration support, application development support and efficient search and retrieval of XML via support for XQuery, SQL or a combination of SQL/XML functions.
There are various samples provided to demonstrate the XML support; these are broadly categorized as:
Administration samples
These samples demonstrate the following features:
  • XML schema support : Schema registration and validation of XML documents
  • XML data indexing support : Indexes on different node types of XML value
  • Utility support for XML : Import , export, runstats, db2look, and db2batch support for the XML data type
Application Development samples
These samples demonstrate the following features:
  • XML insert, update, and delete : Inserting XML values in XML typed columns, updating and deleting existing values
  • XML parsing, validation, and serialization support : Implicit and explicit parsing of compatible data types, validating an XML document, serializing XML data
  • Hybrid use of SQL and XQuery : Using SQL/XML functions like XMLTABLE, XMLQUERY and the XMLEXISTS predicate
  • XML data type support in SQL and external procedures: Passing XML data to SQL and external procedures by including parameters of data type XML
  • Annotated XML schema decomposition support : Decomposing an XML document based on annotated XML schemas
  • XML publishing functions : Using functions to construct XML values
XQuery samples
These samples demonstrate the use of axes, FLWOR expressions, and queries written with XQuery and SQL/XML.
These samples can be found in the following location:
  • On Windows: %DB2PATH%\sqllib\samples\xml (where %DB2PATH% is a variable that determines where DB2® database server is installed)
  • On UNIX: $HOME/sqllib/samples/xml (where $HOME is the home directory of the instance owner)

comment_icon 0 Ajax From Scratch - Jquery (Most Needed tutorial for TGMC)

What You Should Already Know

Before you start studying jQuery, you should have a basic knowledge of:
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

What is jQuery?

jQuery is a library of JavaScript Functions.
jQuery is a lightweight "write less, do more" JavaScript library.
The jQuery library contains the following features:
  • HTML element selections
  • HTML element manipulation
  • CSS manipulation
  • HTML event functions
  • JavaScript Effects and animations
  • HTML DOM traversal and modification
  • AJAX
  • Utilities

jQuery: The Basics

This is a basic tutorial, designed to help you get started using jQuery. If you don't have a test page setup yet, start by creating a new HTML page with the following contents:

comment_icon 0 Ajax From Scratch - Methods For sending Data to Server

We can send data to the data processing page(i.e. server) by both the GET and POST methods of a form. Both methods are used in form data handling where each one has some difference on the way they work. We will discuss some of the differences.

As you have seen there is a character restriction of 255 in the URL. This is mostly the old browsers restriction and new ones can handle more than that. But we can't be sure that all our visitors are using new browsers. So when we show a text area or a text box asking users to enter some data, then there will be a problem if more data is entered. This restriction is not there in POST method.

Friday, December 2, 2011

comment_icon 2 Ajax From Scratch - Basics

hey guys in this session we are gonna discuss about AJAX , what is it ? and how it works

lets jump into the new era of web development

1st Question is that What is AJAX ?
Ans. Everyone thinks that Ajax is a programming Language but its not true its just a balance of  XML and JavaScript

Lets Discuss in deep

AJAX = Asynchronous JavaScript and XML.

where it is used ?

comment_icon 0 HTML and CSS Tutorial

This Tutorial covers the basics of HTML & CSS  that will be pretty useful while you  are working on your


CSS vi

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

comment_icon 0 Unified Modeling Language ( UML ) - video Tutorial

Start From the beginning.....

info : the Tutorial is still incomplete .....i uploaded all the videos, and soon i am gonna provide download link too ....please wait 24 hr. for complete and ordered tutorial 

Select Chapter

Sunday, November 27, 2011

comment_icon 0 Installing DB2 on SUSE Linux

This session covers the following things

  • installing VMware
  • installing db2 on SUSE linux 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

comment_icon 40 Creating A simple DB2 Database Application with jsp

in this session we are going to see that How to Create A simple DB2 Database Application with JSP (java server pages) . Application which we are going to build is login form
Topics Covered :
1. creating database for an application

2.Creating A form and sending data to server

3. connection to database with jsp

Steps to Follow
1.    Create database"VOTERS"

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

comment_icon 0 RAD 7.5 Installation

This session covers That how to Install the Rational Application developer

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

comment_icon 0 How to make a good Software Requirement Specification(SRS)

This session contains That how a one can make a good Software Requirement Specification(SRS).

comment_icon 5 Installing and Integration DB2 ,Web-Shpere With Eclipse

This Presentation shows that
1.How to install websphere and then How to Integrate that
   with Eclipse (Same steps are required for RAD).
2.How To Install DB2
3. Everything is shown step by step

comment_icon 0 Introduction

hello guys this is the first post of this blog . I am Abhimnyu singh rathore , i doing my in computer science.In this blog i am going post related to The Great Mind Challenge 2011 (TGMC 2011) which will be helpful for you while you working on your project .i hope you follow this regularly