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Friday, July 20, 2012

comment_icon 0 Getting Started with TGMC

If you doing the TGMC project then you have to use IBM  tools only
  1.  Rational Software Architect For  Unified modeling (UML ) and SRS 
  2. DB2 for Database
  3. Rational Application Developer or Eclipse (only open source not Commercial)
  4. WebSphere Application Server or WebSphere Community addition For Deployment 
But When you are Installing or using The Rational Application Developer (RAD)  in some cases it didn't get installed so What you can do for that ?

My Advice is that you  can for Eclipse it is available free 

but there are few things where you have to compromise i just list few of them
  1. No Drag N Drop : Eclipse did't provide pallete view 
  2. You have to use  WebSphere Community Edition server only 
these two are major compromises but eclipse works pretty well so you can go for it if you face any problem with RAD in installation .

So From Where you can download these Tools ?
This is the most Common Questions Regarding the TGMC
So i just give a brief on that
 IBM will provide their toolkit Disks but it will take time so better download them by own 
1st thing 1st so 1st in the list is
  • RSA(Rational Software Architect ) : you can download the trial version form the website they will give atleast 1 month which is enough for creating your SRS 
  • DB2 : its community edition is free and you can download it from ibm website
  • RAD/Eclipse : you have to download the trial version of RAD or you can use Eclipse which is free of charge
  • Server : for deployment and testing you need a server so you can go for  WebSphere Community addition because its free and works pretty well
  Download Links :

 Note: Before downloding Register yourself on IBM -Site (it s free) make suer you will download Installation manager . it will be available on same download page  .

Friday, December 9, 2011

comment_icon 2 Download RSA ( Rational Software Architect ) - A tool for software Modeling

Download via IBM site

Download Via Torrent

Torrent Includes :

Size: 5.35 GB (5741557433 Bytes)

IBM® Rational® Software Architect is an integrated analysis, design, and development toolset that supports the comprehension, design, management, and evolution of enterprise solutions and services. It includes design, analysis, and development capabilities for software architects and model-driven developers creating service-oriented architecture (SOA), J2EE, and portal applications.

This product offering includes:
1)Quick Start CD
2)Rational Software Architect
3)Rational Agent Controller
4)WebSphere® Portal test environments
5)Rational ClearCase® LT
6)Crystal Reports Server

7)Activation Kit for Rational Software Architect
8)Rational License Server
9)IBM Installation Manager
10(IBM Packaging Utility
11)WebSphere Application Server for Developers
12)CICS® Transaction Gateway

For more info

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


This tutorial covers

  • How to add multiple CSS styles with JQuery
  • What are all of the other JQuery selection options
  • How to assign events with JQuery
  • Explain JQuery animations
  • How to change element values with JQuery
  • And, a bunch of other things.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

comment_icon 0 Unified Modeling Language ( UML ) - video Tutorial

Start From the beginning.....

info : the Tutorial is still incomplete .....i uploaded all the videos, and soon i am gonna provide download link too ....please wait 24 hr. for complete and ordered tutorial 

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