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Sunday, January 13, 2013

comment_icon 1 How to make SanDisk USB Bootable windows 7

Few days back i needed to format my Laptop , but i didn't had windows disk so i decided to go for USB Boot . i tried so many times by formatting disk into NTFS and copying all windows 7 files in USB drive but nothing worked . finally i searched all over net and found a solution which worked for me . so here it is .

Step 1 : backup all your USB data because its gonna format this.
Step 2:  goto run type cmd and run command prompt as administrator.
Step 3: Now type all the commands as it is shown .
Step 4: type diskpart  and hit enter
Step 5: type list disk . it shows the list of disks. make sure you able identify your USB drive (see the size and free space).
Step 6: type select disk  # (where # represents your disk number , for me its 1)
making sandisk bootable
from step 4 to 6
 Step 7: type clean (Clean : removes any existing partitions from the USB disk, including any hidden sectors)
 Step 8:type Create Partition Primary (it Creates a new primary partition with default parameters)
 Step 9:type Select Partition 1 (Focus on the newly created partition).
 Step10: type Active (Sets the in-focus partition to active, informing the disk firmware that this is a valid system partition)
 Step11:Format FS=NTFS (Formats the partition with the NTFS file system. This may take several minutes to complete, depending on the size of your USB key.)
Step12:Assign (Gives the USB drive a Windows volume and next available drive letter, which you should write down. In our case, drive “J” was assigned.)
Step13:Exit (Quits the DiskPart tool)
Step 14 :Now go into the directory where you copied all your windows 7 files ( in command prompt ). open boot directory(cd boot) . and type the  command as 

Bootsect.exe /nt60 J: (where ‘L’ is the drive letter assigned to your USB key from the previous step)
Bootsect infuses boot manager compatible code into your USB key to make it a bootable device. 

Now copy all windows 7 files to USB drive , no need to use command prompt  you can do it using copy paste option. Have fun installing windows.