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Sunday, January 13, 2013

comment_icon 1 How to make SanDisk USB Bootable windows 7

Few days back i needed to format my Laptop , but i didn't had windows disk so i decided to go for USB Boot . i tried so many times by formatting disk into NTFS and copying all windows 7 files in USB drive but nothing worked . finally i searched all over net and found a solution which worked for me . so here it is .

Step 1 : backup all your USB data because its gonna format this.
Step 2:  goto run type cmd and run command prompt as administrator.
Step 3: Now type all the commands as it is shown .
Step 4: type diskpart  and hit enter
Step 5: type list disk . it shows the list of disks. make sure you able identify your USB drive (see the size and free space).
Step 6: type select disk  # (where # represents your disk number , for me its 1)
making sandisk bootable
from step 4 to 6
 Step 7: type clean (Clean : removes any existing partitions from the USB disk, including any hidden sectors)
 Step 8:type Create Partition Primary (it Creates a new primary partition with default parameters)
 Step 9:type Select Partition 1 (Focus on the newly created partition).
 Step10: type Active (Sets the in-focus partition to active, informing the disk firmware that this is a valid system partition)
 Step11:Format FS=NTFS (Formats the partition with the NTFS file system. This may take several minutes to complete, depending on the size of your USB key.)
Step12:Assign (Gives the USB drive a Windows volume and next available drive letter, which you should write down. In our case, drive “J” was assigned.)
Step13:Exit (Quits the DiskPart tool)
Step 14 :Now go into the directory where you copied all your windows 7 files ( in command prompt ). open boot directory(cd boot) . and type the  command as 

Bootsect.exe /nt60 J: (where ‘L’ is the drive letter assigned to your USB key from the previous step)
Bootsect infuses boot manager compatible code into your USB key to make it a bootable device. 

Now copy all windows 7 files to USB drive , no need to use command prompt  you can do it using copy paste option. Have fun installing windows.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

comment_icon 0 Boosting up your COMPUTER STARTUP

Iyour computer or Laptop takes time during start-up after you installed few heavy softwares ? Don't worry there is way you can decrease your computer start-up time .before we go down lets understand how it works.
Whenever you install software like oracle,DB2,SQLServer,Apache etc. they will install there services which will be started every time you turn on your pc,like when you install oracle it will add few services given below.


so what we gonna do then because these services are essential to use the products ? so what we do is we disable these services to start on system boot  ,and whenever we need then we start them manually. But this will become hectic to type the command every time  so what we gonna do is we will make a batch file for this task .and when ever we need them we will make a single click.

Disabling services from getting started on system boot.

    1. click on start button
    2. type cmd right click and run as administrator
    3. Command Prompt will popup as shown.
    4. type net start all the service list is shown just note down the services name you want to disable and set the startup to manually .
    5. Now open Notepad
    6. for every service type following command  sc config service-name start= demand (note the space between = and demand)
    7. save file as set_servicemanual.bat (in file type select as all files)
    8. Run saved file as administrator
    9. for our example Notpad file looks like  
sc config OracleDBConsoleorcl start= demand
sc config OracleOraDb10g_home1TNSListener start= demand
sc config OracleServiceORCL start= demand 

Creating the Batch file for manual starting services

    1. open notepad
    2. for every service type command as  net start "service name" 
    3. save file as start_servicemanual.bat (in file type select as all files)
    4. Run saved file as administrator
    5. for our example Notpad file looks like   
net start "OracleDBConsoleorcl"
net start "OracleOraDb10g_home1TNSListener"
net start "OracleServiceORCL"


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

comment_icon 0 how to enable Multi-Core of your processor on windows

in Windows o.s. by default there in only single core is enabled .To  utilize the muti-core of you process you need to make some manual changes in your system .don't worry its so easy to do.

  1. click on
  2. type msconfig in search bar .
  3. click enter
  4. you will see a new window is opened named System Configuration

  5. now click on boot tab and select Advance option. new pop up windows is opened as shown in picture

  6. now check the Number of process and select the maximum value it will be 2 in case of dual core processor .

  7. now just click ok , boot advance option get closed . Again click ok , A notification  popup . if you are not doing work you select restart now or you can select restart letter.. we are done now . enjoy multi core processing . Share the post if you like it