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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

comment_icon 0 how to enable Multi-Core of your processor on windows

in Windows o.s. by default there in only single core is enabled .To  utilize the muti-core of you process you need to make some manual changes in your system .don't worry its so easy to do.

  1. click on
  2. type msconfig in search bar .
  3. click enter
  4. you will see a new window is opened named System Configuration

  5. now click on boot tab and select Advance option. new pop up windows is opened as shown in picture

  6. now check the Number of process and select the maximum value it will be 2 in case of dual core processor .

  7. now just click ok , boot advance option get closed . Again click ok , A notification  popup . if you are not doing work you select restart now or you can select restart letter.. we are done now . enjoy multi core processing . Share the post if you like it