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Saturday, December 29, 2012

comment_icon 0 Remote control the Browser Window

remote control using framote
Someone said that Big surprises comes in small packages . Today i feel this line perfect for that framote . This is an awesome example of Ajax and iframe shown by Jaime Caballero .

What it is ? and how it works ?

framote enables you to control the remote browser and show the links which you want. You just need to give a starting URL(link) and it will provide you two different URL's (i). to share on remote devices (ii) to control those remote devices .

Where you can use this ?

This will be specially useful for the web Developers by using this they can test their applications on different browsers and multiple devices without opening the whole web on each of them one by one. yippee its free.

How to Use Framote Step by step

Step 1: go to framote and give a URL i say "" and click create.

how 2 labs

Step 2: share the Framote URL and open Control URL in a new window to control the Framote URL 

framote in action
framote in action

Step 3: in Control URL provide the new URL you want to share and click change. the remote url will automatically get refreshed

change remote url framote
change remote url framote

Step 4: Don't forget to subscribe for new update :)