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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

comment_icon 0 Are you Ready For New Ubuntu Phone ??

Recently Ubuntu Announced that its Phone will be available in market  in last quarter of 2013.So Are you ready for getting hands on New Phone Experience .
At the Press Release in London Mark Shuttleworth said that
 Calling the product launch a “significant next step in our history”, he also gave demo of the device
Ubuntu Phone Preview
Ubuntu Phone Preview

But What's Special about Ubuntu ?

Ubuntu Provides some Features that makes your Phone Experience amazing 
  1. Access Everything by just 1 finger swipe
  2. Full utilization of Mobile Screen
  3.  Everything on screen but Nothing shown until you Swipe 
  4. Super fast Switching Between Apps

Main features of Ubuntu Phone

  • Edge magic: thumb gestures from all four edges of the screen that enable users to find content and switch between apps faster than they can on other phones.
  • Focus on content, not the controls: immerses the user in their content. Controls only appear when they want them.
  • Integrated search: Search for anything that’s saved on the phone, any content from online providers like Amazon and even menu functions within applications.
  • HTML5 apps, web apps and native apps are equal citizens – they all get their own icons and access to system services, so the user need never know the difference.
  • Personalised welcome screen: a visualisation of an individual’s social interactions (infographics on calls, SMS, Twitter) – ever changing, totally personal.

Special Feature Images

Ubuntu Phone infrographic showing duration of talk
Ubuntu Animated home screen With Notification

What's For Developer ?

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