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Monday, August 20, 2012

comment_icon 0 Increase your websites performance using Google PageSpeed

Websites loading speed plays a major role in popularity of the website.A website with good content but taking a lot of time to load in such a case users may reject that website and won't like to visit again.
So now a days  web developer and owner spends a lot on the optimization of the websites.but there is an easy way available now.
Google launched a service that delivers a web pages with optimization and takes minimum time to load,currently the service is in beta version and available free and pricing is not yet decided .

    page speed
  1. What is Google  PageSpeed Service ?
    Page Speed is an online service to automatically optimize and loads page with speed.
  2. How it Works ? PageSpeed fetches the content from your website and delivers to users by google servers after optimizing them using best web  performance practices.
  3. How can I use it ? 
     i.  Sign Up  and provide  your serving and reference domains.
     ii. Send your  traffic to PageSpeed Service by pointing your DNS CNAME entry to
  4. Try yourself
    1. Go to
    2. Enter the URL of your website, say
      • Optional steps:
      • Choose the test location and browser. The default is IE8 from US East (Virginia).
      • Select More Configurations... for a broader selection of locations, browsers and network connection type. The default connection type is DSL.
    3. Click the Start Test button.
  5. Sample Results
    Original Optimized Difference
    Page Load Time 1.715s 1.253s -0.462s (26.9%)
    Repeat View Page Load Time 1.445s 0.547s -0.898s (62.1%)
    Full Test Result
    view test

    view test