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Thursday, August 9, 2012

comment_icon 0 Microsoft saying Goodbye to MS office plugins and HI to Apps

yes what you read is correct, Microsoft completely changing the way of his products are working. Now M.S. office has a support for developer Apps.

 So get ready for the new experience.

Advantage of New App Environment 
   you surely be wondring that what benefit users gonna get from these apps .
Ex.-Applications can change the way we interact today's office . just imagine that you can visualize data of your Bing maps just by using an app in excel .
have a look at the small list of apps that are currently available in the office store

office 2013 apps preview
MS office Apps preview

If you are a developer than must try it. its never been so easy to work with Microsoft products like now. are you ready to start now ?

  • you can build apps for SharePoint and office using the same tools and skill .
  • you can also develop web apps
  • you can use any of following languages html,javascript for client site and c#,,php for server side

Start Building Apps