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Saturday, October 19, 2013

comment_icon 0 JavaScript Libarary - Sketch JS

Today i am Starting a new season on this blog. Here we will be talking on Different JavaScript Libraries and we will see some amazing examples of them.

1st in the series is sketch.js i choose to start with sketch because wanted to start with something creative with fun.

Sketch Js is very to to use java script framework that allows your users to gain the power of your and their imagination .  See the Example below you gonna love sketch js the next moment. just move your mouse in that.

Start with the : Demo

How to Use Sketch Js

its very Easy to use sketch.js just grab the latest version of  sketch.js (or minified) from GitHub and add it in your webpage just after jQuery.

How TO ?

here comes the challenge but don't worry you will get complete Documentation so just have some fun with that.

How Compatible it is ?

It is compatible with the all major browsers.